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What people are saying about eVMI

"Alfred Publishing has been using Jamestown Container's eVMI system for almost a year and we really love the time it saves with our carton inventory management. We no longer have to physically go to the warehouse to do inventory and the space made available in our facility was much needed. I would recommend Jamestown's eVMI and their staff who are always very friendly and prompt with service."

Douglas Przybyla
Receiving Manager, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

"Jamestown Container Companies' eVMI (electronic vendor managed inventory) program is instrumental in streamlining our supply chain".

Erica Wright
Vice President of Finance, Finger Lakes Extrusion Inc.

 "The EVMI program that I have with Jamestown Containers  is a fantastic tool. Once you have established your minimum and maximum inventory levels, you are good to go. Once your material handlers understand the importance of the "skid tags", ( turning them in to you)  it is a simple process. Just scan your bar codes off the "skid tags" and you are done. I then can expect a shipment if I have reached my minimum inventory level. Its that easy. It takes all the guess work out of should I order or not!  If you have the opportunity to use this system, do it , you will be glad you did". 

Tom Jenior
Traffic Manager, Angstrom Graphics


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