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Competitor Swim

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Competitor Swim Introduces New Products to Market with Jamestown Container’s Corrugated Packaging Expertise

Competitor Swim is the largest manufacturer of swim racing lanes and other swim racing products for competitions around the world. Competitor lane lines have been used in countless NCAA Championships, as well as 9 of the past 12 Olympic Games, including the 2012 London Olympics.

Competitor Swim partnered with Jamestown Container Companies after its current vendor wasn’t able to provide optimized packaging solutions for its products. After learning about Jamestown’s expertise earned over 58 years in the market, Competitor Swim believed it had found a trusting partner.

Soon after their introduction, Competitor Swim was confident in its decision. The Jamestown sales and design team met with Competitor Swim on-site multiple times to work with its engineers to define the optimal custom packaging for its existing products, as well as new products in development that were much larger in size than its current products. The company knew it required a custom box and that developing the best design for shipping would be difficult. It consulted with the Jamestown sales and design team to determine the best and most cost-effective packaging. Jamestown ran with it from prototype to production. The expertise demonstrated by Jamestown contributed to Competitor Swim successfully launching the new product on its intended date.

“Packaging is an integral component to any manufacturing organization. Partnering with Jamestown Container Companies, you aren’t just a purchase order, you are an important customer.” – Brad Underwood, President, Competitor Swim

With Jamestown’s quick response and service, Competitor Swim receives its orders without fail. This level of service allows it to stock fewwer boxes in its warehouse and optimize it supply chain. Unlike with its previous packaging vendor, Competitor Swim no longer experiences defective boxes or returned damaged goods. Competitor Swim is confident that its products will be delivered on time and intact, keeping its customers happy.

Customer Benefits

  • Simplified Packaging Process: Allows Competitor Swim to get its products to market faster and save on total packaging spend
  • Custom Packaging Expertise: By leveraging Jamestown’s packaging knowledge, Competitor Swim can focus on its core business
  • Improved Customer Service: Dependable deliveries of its products to its customers on time and intact