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Jain Irrigation Systems Implements Jamestown Container’s eVMI Program to Optimize Cash Flow

Jain Irrigation Systems LTD is a diversified manufacturer of drip irrigation products for the agricultural, turf, greenhouse, nursery, industrial and landscape markets. Its 40,000 square foot facility is located in Watertown, New York with additional locations in Fresno, California and Haines City, Florida.

Jain initially partnered with Jamestown Container Companies because Jamestown understood the challenged it was facing. After several years of working together, Jain implemented Jamestown’s Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) program.

Jamestown’s eVMI program is a web based, just in time industrial packaging solution designed to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses. eVMI adjusts for variances in demand, recognizing usage swings and demand needs immediately.

Shortly after implementing the eVMI program, Jain began experiencing improvements with its cash flow. The company optimized its packaging process, which allowed them to free up resources for other areas of its business. Instead of ordering truckloads of packaging, Jain receives and pays for its packaging as needed. Jain’s buyer has been able to limit large orders to twice a year and Jamestown’s electronic monitoring means it no longer needs to review it s inventory as frequently. This gives Jain the ability to dedicate more time to other more pressing tasks.

“We feel more of a partnership with Jamestown Container Companies, instead of a vendor relationship. Their eVMI (electronic Vendor Managed Inventory) program is something that we HAVE to have.” -Tony Hall, Buyer/Planner, Jain Irrigation

Jamestown is constantly working with Jain to optimize its packaging process and make recommendations as it pertains to inventory reducing costs, and innovative packaging designs. As a result, Jain recognizes Jamestown as a trusted partner and not just as a packaging vendor.

Customer Benefits

  • Vendor Managed Inventory: Implemented Jamestown’s eVMI program, improving cash flow and optimizing warehouse space
  • Customized Packaging: Jamestown’s innovative packaging expertise provides Jain with the best packaging for its custom products
  • Flexible Packaging Vendor: Jamestown’s sales team is reliable and dependent. Its team is constantly working with Jain to recommend packaging improvements