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Jamestown Container Companies has been designing expert packaging solutions for our customers since 1956. Our team is dedicated to helping our customers be more efficient so they can put more time back into their business. We’re more than just a box company. By listening and understanding your situation we are able to take packaging a step further and create a custom solution for your business.

Corrugated Packaging Products

Our Packaging is Made By Us — For You Is your packaging offering enough protection for your products? At Jamestown Container Companies, our corrugated packaging products are designed with our customers in mind. If your products rely on packaging for protection during shipment, we can...

Retail Packaging

Eye-Catching Designs, Expert Advice Is your retail packaging doing enough to catch the customer’s eye? Competing for shelf space and attention from consumers is an ongoing challenge. By utilizing the expertise of Jamestown Container’s industry-recognized designers, your product is sure to make an impact in...

Stock Boxes and Packaging Supplies

Quality Boxes for Every Product Don’t waste time dealing with multiple companies for your stock boxes and packaging supplies. At Jamestown Container Companies, we offer these products through our online store for quick and easy transactions. Whether you’re looking for small single wall boxes or...

Contract Packaging

Custom Solutions Without the Stress Spend more time managing your business — not your packaging. Assembling displays, packing products, and coordinating freight is expensive and time-consuming. Why not utilize Jamestown Container’s contract packaging team to help eliminate this burden? At Jamestown Container Companies, our order and...

Vendor Managed Inventory

Improved Efficiency, Increased Productivity Looking for a way to expand your warehouse? Outsourcing your packaging inventory with an expert could open up the space you need to take on more opportunities. Let Jamestown Container Companies manage your packaging inventory with our exclusive Electronic Vendor Managed...

Jain Irrigation Systems Testimonial
CardPak Testimonial
Finger Lake Extrusion Testimonial
Competitor Swim Testimonial
TITANX Testimonial

"We feel more of a partnership with Jamestown Container Companies, instead of a vendor relationship. Their eVMI (electronic Vendor Managed Inventory) program is something that we HAVE to have."

Tony Hall
Buyer/Planner, Jain Irrigation

"The Vendor Managed Inventory Program has been key for me. It has taken a lot off my plate, clearing up additional space on our warehouse floor and allowing me to focus on our business and other daily tasks."

Patty Olson
Buyer, CardPak

"Jamestown Container Companies' eVMI (electronic vendor managed inventory) program is instrumental in streamlining our supply chain."

Erica Wright
Vice President of Finance, Finger Lakes Extrusion Inc.

“Packaging is an integral component to any manufacturing organization. Partnering with Jamestown Container Companies, you aren’t just a purchase order, you are an important customer.”

Brad Underwood
President, Competitor Swim

“We can always rely on Jamestown Container. They are flexible, transparent, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we are happy.”

Orlo Bartholomew
Packaging Buyer, TitanX Engine Cooling

Packaging Specials

We offer monthly deals on our stock boxes and packaging supplies. Click the link below to view our current specials.

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Our facilities are located in and around New York and Ohio, and together they operate as one. Our approach to manufacturing and service enables us to provide a quick turnaround to meet your deadline.

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