How To Best Protect Your Product During Shipping

Improper packaging leaves your product vulnerable to damage. Damaged products mean lower customer satisfaction and decreased profits. Whether damage occurs during handling, shipping, or while in your warehouse, here are three tips to protect your goods with product packaging boxes.

1. Use the Best Product Packaging Boxes Available

That probably seems a little too simple – and maybe you already think you are using the best box – but damage may still occur and it could be because it’s not the best box for your product! First things first, it’s extremely important to utilize a new (or very gently used) box when shipping. Corrugated is designed to be very strong, but it won’t be able to live up to its potential if it’s been compromised during a different shipping process.

Your box needs to be sturdy, strong, and structurally designed to support the specifications of your product. Have a discussion with your packaging manufacturer to find a solution that includes the correct grade, fluting, and other vital traits needed for your product to arrive safely!

2. Pack efficiently

Know your product. Is it fragile? Does it have sharp edges? How much cushioning will it need to prevent damage? These are important questions to consider when choosing box sizes. Ideally, you want your product to fill the space within the box avoiding as much air-space as possible (allowing extra room for cushioning if needed).

An appropriate sized box with the right amount of cushioning not only protects your product but also reduces shipping costs and waste. Experiment with different positions within the box to determine the most efficient way to pack your product. Choosing the best sized box and cushioning material will greatly reduce damage to your products!

3. Choose your packaging supplies wisely

If your products require cushioning, the next step is to select a method that specializes in protecting your specific product. Not all cushioning is made the same. Styrofoam peanuts may be suited for any material but for very large, fragile, or pointy objects, bubble wrap might be the smartest choice!

When sealing your package, use high-quality tape to ensure your box will not split open during shipment. An industrial tape that is pressure-sensitive, water-activated, and durable will protect the package and your awesome product inside!

seal your box

Following these tips will help you reduce damage to your products and your packaging while increasing customer satisfaction. Damage-free packaging with high-quality components and clear labels tend to have a positive impact on customers’ perception of your brand as well. This can increase loyalty and even gain your company some promoters! Nothing makes a better first impression with your customers than thoughtful packaging and damage-free products. Be known as the company that always delivers!

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