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Highlighting Your Brand Identity in Packaging

Packaging is an essential element for differentiating your product from the competition in the eyes of consumers. On top of holding and protecting your product through shipping, in warehouses, and on store shelves, showcasing your brand identity in packaging is also a powerful tool for drawing customer attention amidst a sea of products.

But once customers have approached your product (whether in stores or online) packaging can also help to persuade customers to choose your product over its competitors. That’s when clearly communicating your brand identity in your packaging becomes most important.

Here are the essential elements to consider when it comes to highlighting your brand identity in your packaging.

Accuracy and Standardization

Many brand associations that customers make are subconscious, making the distinct look and feel that your brand communicates to consumers all the more important. Choosing a uniquely specific visual identity that can carry over across all elements helps customers to recognize your products instantly, even when they’re not paying specific attention to them, and automatically brings up the implicit associations your customers have with your public brand.

Exact color-matching and consistent implementation of your logo on packaging are important to complete the full picture of your visual brand. Inconsistencies make your brand look unprofessional and sometimes less recognizable, reducing the power of your visual brand elements. Similarly, any misspellings, printing errors, or other packaging mistakes will reflect negatively on your brand.

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Communicating Your Values

Customers are increasingly becoming more and more concerned with the values behind the products they’re buying. In fact, as many as 72% of U.S. consumers want brands to reflect their values.

Packaging is an excellent place to reinforce your brand story, mission, and values to better connect with customers. By adding more information about your brand values, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from competitors and increase customer loyalty.

Another way in which your packaging can reflect your values is by using sustainable packaging and promoting its eco-friendliness on the package. With two-thirds of customers preferring eco-friendly brands, this has become a particularly important consideration for every consumer-focused company. Luckily, corrugated is well-established as one of the most sustainable packaging materials available.

Packaging Protection

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — damaged packaging and displays create negative impressions and keep customers from buying (or re-buying) your products. That’s why using sturdy packaging that keeps your products safe is so essential.

To communicate that your brand cares about quality, make sure your products are packaged correctly to handle transit hazards and arrive at their destination intact. Adding the proper cushioning, having the right size, shape, and thickness of packaging, and using strong materials like corrugated can all help here.

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Transparency and Accessibility

With their vast and immediate access to information of every kind, today’s consumers are particularly concerned about information accuracy. This means they’re likely to be wary about any misrepresentation of a product on its packaging.

In order to position your brand as honest, trustworthy, and transparent, make sure that your packaging contains all necessary information in an easy-to-understand format. Large, easy-to-read fonts with text that lets customers know exactly what they’re getting can help to build consumer trust. This also helps to make your packaging accessible, positioning your brand as more inclusive.

On the topic of accessibility, customers should also be able to easily access, open, and use your packaging. On top of this aspect communicating the inclusivity of your brand, it also helps to avoid creating negative experiences with your product that could turn repeat customers away.

How Jamestown Makes Your Brand Identity Shine

For custom packaging that is accurately and consistently printed across bulk inventory, protects products, and is easy for customers to open and use, trust Jamestown Container. Our more than 65 years of experience in creating expert, innovative packaging solutions for our customers while constantly adapting to new packaging design trends and technology are why we’re trusted with packaging initiatives for clients across industries.

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