How Implementing a Custom Retail Packaging Solution Can Benefit Your Business

Benefits of Custom Retail Packaging

When it comes to your retail packaging, attracting a customer’s eye is one of the biggest challenges that businesses face, but it’s also the most important aspect. You typically only have a few seconds to make an impact on a customer. In these few seconds, they will make the decision to either pick up your product and examine it further or move on to something else. So if your product doesn’t stand out, how will anyone ever notice it among hundreds of others? Don’t let that be the case. Instead, incorporate a custom retail packaging solution.

Packaging is Uniquely Designed for Your Product

By implementing a custom retail packaging solution for your product, you now have packaging that’s uniquely designed specifically for your product and nobody else’s. This means that the packaging is created with your product’s look and feel kept in mind. Gone are the days of using standard one-size-fits all retail packaging that may not properly showcase your product to your desired customer base. A custom retail packaging solution can be created for your product, no matter what it is.

It Properly Secures Your Product for Retail Placement

No longer do you need to worry about your product being incorrectly displayed or at risk of being damaged due to its packaging. A custom retail packaging solution can properly secure your product and efficiently display it for maximum results. While catching a customer’s eye is important, it’s almost equally as important to ensure your product’s safety, and a custom solution can ensure that.

It Raises Consumer Perception of Product Value

A custom retail packaging solution can help improve the perception of your product’s value with just a little bit of effort. You can quickly distinguish your product among the competition, making it stand out and appear to be of more value than similar products surrounding it. A customer is likely to perceive your product as better than a competitor’s if you have a custom packaging solution

Benefits of Graphics on Retail Packaging

Capture a Customer’s Attention

There’s no better way to capture a customer’s attention than by incorporating graphics into your packaging. Graphics are helpful in drawing customers away from your competition and increasing interest in your product instead. Imagine a customer walking down an aisle at the store and encountering your product and a competitor’s product. A graphic or two on your packaging will likely entice them to pick up your product instead of the competition’s products.

It Shows the Product and Its Uses

Given the fact that you only have a couple of seconds to attract a customer’s attention, what better way to do so than by actually showing them what your product looks like and how it’s used? Right off the bat, the customer knows what to expect, what it looks like, and how they should/can use it, answering many of the questions that they probably had.

Graphic Options

There are a variety of different graphic options that you can choose from for your retail packaging solution. We cover four of the most common ones below.

Litho Labeling

The litho label is done by printing graphics onto fine litho paper, which is then laminated to the corrugated board prior to it being cut and converted into boxes/packaging. Litho labels are considered the highest image resolution that is equal to magazine quality print, but on corrugated material. Litho labeling ranges from 160-180 when it comes to line screen image clarity. Litho labels are capable of showing true colors, multiple shades, and different kinds of finishes, which is why this method is used as a primary option when showing either people or glassware. The downside to litho labeling is the cost.

Digital Print

Compared to litho labeling, digital printing is a more cost-effective method for printing with photographic-quality graphics. These graphics have clean text, vibrant colors, and are very good for multi-color imaging, making them a good option for different versions of a graphic. These graphics can have common components with multiple specific messages. They’re easy to make small quantities of, which makes them friendly for test marketing and retailer mock-ups. Digital printing has a line screen image clarity of 120-140.

Direct Print

The direct printing process involves printing the intended graphics directly on corrugated board using a flexographic printing press. This is referred to as matte finished printing. You can typically get from one to four colors with a line screen image clarity of 60-80. This is an extremely cost-effective option for products that don’t require a higher-end look.

Combined Graphics

A common graphic option when it comes to retail packaging is to combine a one-color flood coat (which is a single solid color that completely covers the surface of the packaging from edge to edge) with a spot label. There are many color variations that you can make when combining any of the options here.

Need Help Designing a Retail Packaging Solution for Your Product?

Your best bet is to work with a professional packaging designer to help you create a design that resonates with your audience and stands out from everyone else. With advanced capabilities, and multiple certifications — including ISO accreditations — the designers at Jamestown Container will be able to help the best version of your ideas come to life! Don’t wait another day. Get in touch with us today to get started on designing your custom retail packaging solution.