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Incorporating Design Into E-commerce Packaging

The goal of packaging is to convey to consumers the utility and benefits of your product before they even hold the actual item in their hands. The design and material work together to persuade a customer to purchase, just as much it does to protect the product during shipping. Advertisers use this to their advantage by creating dynamic campaigns and bold graphics to attract and sell. This gives way to several trends that are evident in packaging today, such as incorporating environmental considerations, personalizing packages to individual consumers, and producing special and collector’s edition containers. The effect of packaging design can be especially important in e-commerce.

amazon minions ad ecommerce packaging

Several online retailers have employed unique and amusing packaging designs to enhance the value of their brand and create memorable images. For example, Amazon designed limited edition yellow boxes featuring the Minions. These boxes were so popular it drove people to save the packages after use and resulted in a successful #minionboxes social media campaign. It furthered the Amazon and Minions brands, while selling tons of products. Other e-commerce retailers provide monthly subscriptions of beauty products, snacks, razors, and other goods, utilizing similar methods to design their packages. They strive to create packaging that is easily recognizable so that the customer sees that familiar package outside their front door every month, helping to develop a relationship with their product.

Whether the goal is to create a memorable package or simply an attractive container that will get your product to the customer, design is only a part of the process. No matter how you choose to design your packaging to resonate with your customer base, you need to make sure when it is time to produce you are going with a manufacturer that will capture your vision!

At Jamestown Container, we have several outstanding design labs equipped with ArtiosCAD software that can create sophisticated and high-quality packaging solutions. Our manufacturing plants feature specialty equipment along with an in-house ink kitchen, allowing us to mix custom colors while keeping costs low. In addition, we source high quality papers resulting in a smooth, refined printing surface that is rare amongst recycled products. The material and expertise is vital to the creation of a package that will represent and promote your brand on every step of its journey from warehouse to consumers’ homes!

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