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Give your brand a boost with a smart packaging strategy that is cost-effective and environmentally sustainable!

At Jamestown Container Companies, each of our locations specialize in corrugated packaging with quick turnarounds to meet short lead-times. Our facilities, located in and around New York and Ohio, operate as one network to better serve our customers. In addition to multiple production facilities, we also operate our own fleet of trucks which allows us to have total control over our deliveries. Regardless of what type of packaging solutions you need, Jamestown Container can help.

Our facilities convert all single-wall, double-wall, and triple-wall board grades with a vast majority containing 100% recycled linerboard. Jamestown Container serves a wide area of the Great Lakes region, and has facilities located in the following cities:

Our talented team is able to provide thoughtful suggestions on ways to reduce your shipping costs, create eye-catching designs, and completely manage your packaging inventory. We are a group of problem solvers and innovative thinkers, acting as your true partner.

Our customers are consistently impressed with our custom packaging solutions that achieve and exceed every demand of their distribution channels. Our corrugated packaging provides strength, protection, durability, ease of use, and enhanced aesthetics — in the store or in the field, backed by our exceptional quality and service.

Over the past 60+ years, we’ve been able to develop a strong portfolio of innovative corrugated packaging solutions and creative retail packaging designs for our customers. Check out a few of our case studies to learn more.

Serving the Great Lakes Region with Smart, Efficient Corrugated Packaging Services

At Jamestown Container Companies, each of our facilities has a specialty, but also has the ability to serve every area we touch. Looking for reliable shipping? We have our own fleet of trucks, so we have complete control over the shipping process to ensure it’s efficient, accurate, and timely. On any given day, we have up to a dozen trucks transporting material between our facilities to make sure your order arrives on time.

As a custom designed corrugated box manufacturer, Jamestown Container can supply all of your packaging needs from stock boxes to custom packaging tailored to your brand. Our exceptional quality, customer service, and dedication to sustainability is everything you need to stay competitive in today’s market.

To find out how we can help your business, contact us today.