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Lyons Packaging Facility

Lyons, NY Packaging Facility

Better Solutions Created Specifically for Your Needs

Jamestown Container Companies acquired our Lyons packaging facility in May 2016 from H.P. Neun, one of the oldest packaging companies in New York and the home of Viva Foam Products. Our continued growth in the New York market is extremely beneficial to expanding our reach and providing expertise in packaging solutions to more companies around the Great Lakes region.

Whatever your packaging needs are, our design team can help. It all starts with your product — then our experts start thinking of solutions from the inside out. No matter what size, style, or type of protection is needed, we can help you create the perfect pack for your product.

Our Lyons packaging facility offers the following products and services to companies within our service areas:

  • Corrugated packaging solutions
  • Retail-ready POP packaging and displays
  • Litho laminated containers
  • Third party packaging and fulfillment
  • Foam and plastic packaging
  • Stock boxes and packaging supplies
  • Industrial packaging supplies and equipment
  • Structural design team
  • Folding cartons
  • Specialty packaging materials
  • Packaging audits
  • Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) Program
  • ISTA design and test lab
  • In-house ink blending
  • Custom replenishment solutions
  • Total optimization packaging software
  • Cost reduction specialists
  • Sustainability experts

At Jamestown Container Companies, everything we do is designed around building the best solution for your business. Like the rest of our locations, our Lyons packaging facility continuously strives to provide innovative, effective, and sustainable packaging solutions. With our industry recognized designers, knowledgeable service providers, and experienced production staff, our team is sure to provide the best solution for your packaging needs.

Our Lyons Packaging Facility is Creating Innovative Packaging Solutions for Our Customers

At Jamestown Container Companies, each of our facilities has a specialty, but also has the ability to serve every area we touch. Looking for reliable shipping? We’ll ensure that the entire shipping process is efficient, accurate, and timely.

As a custom designed corrugated box manufacturer, Jamestown Container can supply all of your packaging needs from stock boxes to custom packaging tailored to your brand. Our exceptional quality, customer service, and dedication to sustainability is everything you need to stay competitive in today’s market.

To find out how we can help your business, contact us today.

Viva Foam Products – Lyons Foam Packaging Facility
100 Dunn Road
Lyons, New York 14489

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