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Pack Smarter with Custom Corrugated Packaging

Your product packaging is more important to your business than you may realize. The value it can add makes it so much more than just a box to ship your product in, and using custom corrugated packaging can help drive its worth even higher.

Believe it or not, you can actually be using the wrong type of packaging for your products. Think about it: can your current packaging handle bumps and drops along its journey to the end user? Is it standing out from your competitor’s packaging and catching the eye of consumers? Is it representing your company and your brand accurately? If you answered “no” to any of these questions it may be time to consider using custom corrugated packaging for your products.

So how do you know if you’re using the right or wrong kind of packaging? While there is no one-size-fits-all solution for product packaging, there are a few basic points to keep in mind. For starters, although it may be more convenient to order boxes online, there is a good chance these boxes will not provide the best fit for your product. This can result in your goods arriving damaged. Since custom corrugated boxes are designed specifically for your product, you can trust that there is an added level of protection to help keep your product damage-free during the shipping process.

It’s obvious why having an increased level of protection for your products is important No one wants to receive a call or read a negative review from a customer saying their order arrived damaged. It’s bad for business and can ruin your customer relationships. Using a box that is too large for the product you are packing can result in additional air space within the sealed package. Although air space is not always harmful, and is sometimes unavoidable, limiting the mobility of your product within the package is always recommended. A secure fit is a safer fit.

The trick is to make the box fit your product, not make your product fit the box. Using custom corrugated solutions ensures the box is designed specifically for your product’s unique characteristics and qualities. Since custom corrugated boxes are designed to create a tight, secure fit for your product, they will typically be smaller than the stock box you initially used.

Smaller boxes require less corrugated board to produce which can mean more money back in your pocket. But this isn’t the only way custom corrugated packaging can help improve your bottom line. The secure fit provided by custom packaging eliminates excess air space and reduces the amount of void fill needed to keep your product from rolling around inside the box. With a decrease in the amount of material being used, the overall weight of the package will be reduced and likely lead to lower shipping costs.

In addition to providing superior protection for your product and having a positive impact on your bottom line, custom corrugated packaging can also be used as a free advertising platform for your company. Custom corrugated packaging is exactly that — custom. Your packaging can be designed to look any way you want it to look. Add your business’s name, logo, social links, or the URL of your website. Take it a step further and use your brand colors to really make your packaging pop. Whether your packaging is being used for retail purposes or strictly to transport your products from point A to point B, adding print to your cartons will help expand your market reach and increase awareness of your brand.

Want to Start Using Custom Corrugated Packaging? Here’s What You Need to Know

The benefits of using custom corrugated cartons can completely change the way your business thinks about packaging and shipping your products. If you’re ready to improve your packaging here’s 6 questions to keep in mind when approaching a redesign.

  1. Is your product fragile? You might want to consider a heavier board grade to make sure there’s a little extra padding if your product won’t fare well in the event of a fall. Corrugated board grades vary based on paper thickness and type of fluting. While single wall is the most common corrugated board grade used in packaging, you may want to consider using double wall to add additional strength to your package.
  2. How is your product going to be shipped? Depending on the carrier and the transportation method, you’ll want to adjust your packaging design to be prepared for the type of travel it’s going to be embarking on. Whether your products are going to be shipped individually or stacked on top of one another is also crucial information to share with your packaging designer during the structural design phase.
  3. How much does your product weigh? Knowing the weight will help determine how to build your packaging in order to meet proper shipping requirements and the right board grade needed to protect your product.
  4. How many products are going in one box? If you’re shipping multiple products in one box, this will affect your design. A good packaging designer will help you optimize the way you pack your product to cut down on the size of your box and shipping costs.
  5. Where is your product going to be stored? Knowing the environment in which your packed products are going to be stored in is beneficial to creating a better package. Whether your product has a quick trip to its final destination where it will immediately be unpacked, or it has to withstand multiple temperature changes as it sits in a warehouse for many months, knowing this information will help determine the proper material needed for your packaging.
  6. Does your customer have any specific requirements for your products? If they do, this is crucial for your designer to know so they can ensure your packaging is compliant. This will help you avoid rejection (and possible fees) when your product arrives.

Thinking about these questions will help you get the most out of your custom packaging from the start. Your packaging is an important part of your business, and custom corrugated design can help you take full advantage of everything your boxes can offer.

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