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Vendor Managed Inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory

Improved Efficiency, Increased Productivity

Looking for a way to expand your warehouse? Outsourcing your packaging inventory with an expert could open up the space you need to take on more opportunities. Let Jamestown Container Companies manage your packaging inventory with our exclusive Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) program.

When your packaging inventory sits in your warehouse, it’s taking up more than just space — it’s taking up time and money. Our vendor managed inventory services are perfect for making sure you have what you need, when you need it so you can put your focus back into your business.

Our complimentary web-based eVMI system replenishes your packaging materials automatically. With our team managing your inventory, you won’t have to worry about emergency orders, delayed deliveries, or damaged, outdated stock. Our vendor managed inventory system adjusts for variances in demand, recognizing usage swings and demand needs immediately.

Using our eVMI system is simple — one scan is all it takes. We’ll take note of all your packaging inventory requirements, including your expected usage, the minimum and maximum inventory on hand, and lead-time, and buffer stock if necessary. Once you’re set up in our vendor managed inventory system, all you have to do is scan the load tag barcode as the material is used and your inventory will be replenished automatically.

With your packaging inventory automatically set for demand, you’ll be able to put your focus into more important, profitable matters of your business. Jamestown Container Companies’ eVMI program allows your business to maximize production space and your cash flow by eliminating any worry about your packaging inventory.

Even in the most unpredictable industries, our vendor managed inventory solutions have helped customers become more efficient and productive with their day-to-day operations. Want to learn more? Sign up for a FREE packaging inventory analysis to see how we can help your business put more time back into what matters.

Hear from one of our customers just how beneficial eVMI is for their business.

Start Shipping Smarter With Our Vendor Managed Inventory Services

Our business has been helping companies navigate their packaging and shipping challenges with innovative packaging solutions since 1956. We’re a family owned and operated organization, and our team believes in being a partner to our customers ahead of everything else.

By listening and understanding your situation we are able to take packaging a step further and create a custom solution for your business. We are committed to producing sustainable packaging and the majority of our products contain recycled content. Our facilities located throughout New York and Ohio serve a wide area of the Great Lakes region in the United States and Canada.

Take a fresh look at your packaging. Contact us today and start creating the perfect packaging solution.

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Vendor Managed Inventory