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Polyethylene Packaging

Polyethylene Packaging Foam

Strong Protection for Your Most Sensitive Products

Your high-value, intricate, and fragile products need a layer of protection you can count on to keep every part intact and liquids and contamination out. That’s where Jamestown Container’s Viva Foam Products division’s strong, tear-resistant polyethylene packaging foam comes in.

Polyethylene’s closed-cell structure makes it perfect for dampening vibrations and protecting your most shock-sensitive electrical components. It has low absorbency, making it impervious to mold, mildew, and other contaminants and allowing it to keep products safe and dry during shipment.

Polyethylene packaging foam is an ideal solution for keeping your heaviest and most fragile products intact through every possible shipping hazard. Our Viva Foam Products division can easily die-cut polyethylene into custom shapes to keep intricate components firmly in place under a wide range of shipping conditions.

When you partner with packaging experts you know you can trust to keep your priorities at the forefront of your packaging program, you can rest easy knowing that your products are well-equipped to face the shipping process and make it to their final destination.

Get Custom Polyethylene Packaging Foam Solutions

Jamestown Container has been in the business of packaging for over 65 years, making us one of packaging’s leading experts. Our superior solutions center on listening to each customer’s unique needs and concerns and then applying our expertise to create customized designs and plans that improve their packaging program holistically.

Our plank, roll stock, laminated, crosslink, skived, convoluted, or custom-cut polyethylene foam is available in various sizes, types, and colors to fit your specific use case and shipping conditions. When paired with a high-quality, custom corrugated shipping box, you’ll be able to avoid product damage and build customer trust and loyalty.

Trust Jamestown Container Companies to handle all of your packaging needs. We’re experts in combining cost-effective packaging solutions of different types to keep your products safe while making your packaging visually appealing and reflective of your brand. When you work with us, you’ll get high-quality products, every time. We maintain a variety of industry certifications — including an ISO 9001 accreditation — to hold us to the highest standards.

Our wide range of innovative products, convenient services like packaging inventory management and contract packaging, and personalized focus make Jamestown Container the only full-service partner you’ll need to face any packaging challenge. Connect with a Jamestown expert today to discuss how we can fit into your packaging program.

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