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Polyurethane Packaging

polyurethane packaging

Don’t Run the Risk of Product Damage

Damaged products are known threats for decreasing customer loyalty, creating sunk costs, and ruining your reputation. Luckily, Jamestown Container’s Viva Foam Products division offers a variety of protective foam products to help reduce product damage and keep your customers happy — including our high-quality, lightweight polyurethane packaging.

Polyurethane is a flexible yet durable open-celled foam material perfect for protecting small, lightweight, or shock-sensitive items during shipment. It combines softness and quick recovery with dependable resistance to abrasion and other types of damage, making it compatible with a wide range of products to ensure their long-term safety.

Since it’s open-celled, polyurethane foam is made up mostly of air, which is why it’s one of the lightest types of packaging materials available. Its lightness makes polyurethane packaging a great tool for protecting fragile products while saving on shipping costs. It’s also more eco-friendly than heavier protective packaging solutions, since it provides lower transportation weight for less greenhouse gas emissions.

Partner With the Experts for Polyurethane Packaging

Our Viva Foam Products division can die-cut polyurethane into both standard and customized types of foam packaging rolls, sheets, pads, blocks, shapes, liners, and much more with ease. We also offer convoluted (egg-crate) polyurethane packaging foam, which provides a larger surface area for more cushioning and protection.

Available in shock absorbent varieties and several colors and densities, polyurethane packaging can be customized to every shipping need with the right protective packaging partner.

Jamestown Container’s 65+ years of experience in the packaging industry mean we know how to keep products safe along every step of their journey to the end customer. We’re known for creating innovative, holistic packaging solutions for our partners, customized to their unique needs.

Although our story started with just one brown box, Jamestown Container Companies has grown its capabilities and expertise to handle every aspect of your packaging program. We can help you pair high-quality, custom-cut polyurethane packaging with right-sized, well-designed corrugated shipping boxes to delight your customers and maximize cost savings, all while making sure your product arrives safely from point A to B.

From our easy and intuitive vendor managed inventory program and contract packaging services to our eye-catching and structurally sound retail packaging and displays and beyond, we can help you tackle every packaging challenge with ease. Contact Jamestown today to discuss how we can help you protect your products and stay competitive with your packaging.

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