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CardPak Finds a Dependable and Responsive Vendor in Jamestown Container Companies

CardPak was a privately-owned manufacturer of custom engineered packaging designs and solutions for merchandising strategies that use carded packaging and specialty paperboard converting. The company offered a wide array of paperboard packaging products and formats that included blister cards, clamshell inserts, folding cartons, sleeves, skinboard and specialty displays. In 2016, the company was acquired by Rohrer.

Based on the demands of the consumer packaging market, CardPak frequently had last minute orders from its retail customers, who required additional boxes quickly. CardPak could rely on Jamestown to keep up with those ever-changing demands. Specifically, CardPak had contacted its Jamestown sales team on a weekend, and based on its commitment to service, Jamestown delivered the inventory to CardPak that day. This level of dedication to customer service allowed CardPak to get its order out on time and keep its customers happy.

“The Vendor Managed Inventory Program has been key for me. It has taken a lot off my plate, clearing up additional space on our warehouse floor and allowing me to focus on our business and other daily tasks.” – Patty Olson, Buyer, CardPak

CardPak was constantly developing its product portfolio to adapt to the ever-changing retail industry. As a result, it had many custom corrugated boxes, and it relied on Jamestown Container’s packaging expertise to develop the appropriate recommendations and pricing for the best solution.

With Jamestown’s quick response and service, CardPak typically received its orders within 2-3 days or even overnight if necessary. Its inventoried boxes were delivered same day, which allowed it to stock fewer boxes in its warehouse and use that space for other areas of its manufacturing process. With the recent implementation of a Vendor Managed Inventory Program, CardPak was relieved of daily inventory tasks, and could return its focus to its core business.

Customer Benefits

  • Simplified Packaging Process: Enabled CardPak to get its products to market faster and save on total packaging spend.
  • On Time Deliveries and Flexibility: Allowed cost and time savings and efficient use of manufacturing space
  • Vendor Managed Inventory Program: Optimized CardPak’s supply chain and returned CardPak’s focus on their core business