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Finger Lakes Extrusion Inc. Implements Jamestown Container’s eVMI Program to Streamline Its Supply Chain

Finger Lakes Extrusion is an international supplier of flexible plastic tubing products across many markets including diary, industrial, medical, automotive, food, and beverage. The company focuses on customization, including printing, packaging, colors, cut to length and specialized compounds. Its 56,000 square foot facility is located in Canandaigua, New York.

After a previous corrugated packaging vendor’s poor service caused a disruption in Finger Lakes Extrusion’s supply chain, the company partnered with Jamestown Container Companies. Finger Lakes Extrusion knew that it found a trusted packaging partner in Jamestown Container.

Custom design and packaging appearance is extremely important to Finger Lakes Extrusion. The Jamestown sales and design teams are in constant communication with the Finger Lakes Extrusion team to improve packaging display and efficiency. Recently, Jamestown recommended adjusting box board grades to reduce costs. With Jamestown’s recommendations, Finger Lakes Extrusion is now confident that its boxes are aesthetically pleasing, are arriving intact, and are a cost-effective solution.

Sustainability is also important to Finger Lakes Extrusion. Jamestown shares that value. Together, they implemented a program where upon deliveries, Jamestown removes excess corrugated materials from the Finger Lakes Extrusion plant. The excess corrugated is taken directly to Jamestown’s mill where it’s recycled back into linerboard and, ultimately, corrugated boxes.

“Jamestown Container Companies’ eVMI (electronic vendor managed inventory) program is instrumental in streamlining our supply chain.” – Erica Wright, Vice President of Finance, Finger Lakes Extrusion Inc.

Finger Lakes Extrusion also relied on Jamestown for its Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) program. The program is a web based just-in-time industrial packaging solution designed to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of businesses. eVMI adjusts for variances in demand, recognizing usage swings and demand needs immediately.

With Jamestown’s eVMI program, Finger Lakes Extrusion receives its orders on time. This allows for fewer boxes to be stocked in its warehouse and has helped to optimize its supply chain. Additionally, Jamestown provides Finger Lakes Extrusion with daily inventory reports that seamlessly integrate with its invoicing and purchase order systems.

Customer Benefits

  • Vendor managed inventory: Implemented Jamestown’s eVMI program, which reduced emergency orders and freed up warehouse space
  • Improved Customer Service: Dependable deliveries of its product to its customers, on time and intact
  • Green Initiatives: Implemented recycling program to reuse excess corrugated materials and eliminate waste in its system.

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