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Knowlton Technologies

eVMI Program and Exceptional Customer Service Create Worry-Free Inventory Management for Knowlton Technologies

Customer Profile

Situated in Waterton, NY, Knowlton Technologies boasts a rich 200-year history and is globally renowned for its expertise in designing, rapidly prototyping, and producing wet-laid nonwovens for filtration, friction, and specialized composite webs. The company specializes in producing filled composites and high-performance wet-laid nonwovens, which encompass items like pre-pregs, pre-forms, veil media for engineered composite webs, laminate layers, and functional materials tailored for use in the brake, engine drive train, and fluid filtration markets.

Business Situation

For over 11 years, Jamestown Container Companies has been Knowlton Technologies’ corrugated packaging and packaging supplies vendor. The relationship between the two companies has grown as Knowlton Technologies has come to rely on the exceptional customer service provided by Jamestown Container Companies.

For Knowlton, keeping processes running smoothly is critical, and packaging plays a significant role in ensuring customers get products on time. Their previous vendor was having supply issues, putting Knowlton Technologies in a difficult situation, resulting in downtime and missed orders. This opened the door for the JCC Account Manager, who had been periodically visiting the company, waiting for an opportunity to show them the value of working with JCC.

Once the service model requirements were established, JCC’s proprietary Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) program was introduced, which not only ensured packaging was readily available but also increased Knowlton’s efficiency. The company purchases its packaging supplies, corrugated packaging, tapes, and film from JCC and credits JCC’s eVMI program as one of its keys to success.

JCC Delivers Success

JCC’s eVMI program is a web-based, just-in-time inventory management system that has improved the productivity and efficiency at Knowlton Technologies and freed up valuable time previously spent managing packaging inventory. As product is used, Knowlton Technologies employees scan the load tag barcode, providing real-time consumption data and what packaging JCC will soon need to replenish.

“I think that one reason we have such a great relationship is Jamestown knows what we need when we need it,” said Thomas Sparacino, Knowlton Technologies’ supply chain buyer and planner. “It’s almost automatic, so from my perspective, it’s a great relief off my mind knowing they are handling this process for us. The inventory management program is one of the keys to our success.”

The JCC Account Manager regularly visits the Knowlton Technologies plant, checking with the warehouse team to see if forecast changes are coming or if additional packaging is needed. This often happens without Thomas’s involvement.

This is a set-it-and-forget process, which I like. The program is far faster than traditional processes, and it’s accurate,” said Thomas.

During the pandemic, when supply chains were struggling, Thomas appreciated the extra efforts made by JCC to ensure he had the boxes needed to keep Knowlton Technologies running. The exceptional customer service has not gone unnoticed.

“If I need anything, I can call or email, and I usually get a response back within an hour or less. For a while during Covid, I had our Account Manager on speed dial,” said Thomas. “Our Account Manager and his team were really good when we had issues. It really meant a lot to us, and we’ve come to rely on the personal touch.”

Customer Benefits

  • Vendor Managed Inventory: the eVMI program has provided a worry-free inventory management solution that keeps operations running.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Knowlton Technologies has come to appreciate the personal touch provided by JCC.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing the needed packaging is readily available has alleviated the stress of managing inventory and potential late orders.