TitanX Leverages Jamestown Container’s Quality, Service, and Packaging Expertise to Streamline their Manufacturing Process

TitanX Engine Cooling is a leading global supplier of commercial vehicle engine cooling solutions for trucks, buses, off-highway equipment and industrial diesel engines. TitanX has six full production sites around the world, including a United States facility in Jamestown, NY.

After a thorough bidding process, TitanX Engine Cooling chose to partner with Jamestown. As a result of Jamestown’s packaging expertise, TitanX determined that Jamestown was the best fit for its organization.

TitanX and Jamestown have an ideal business relationship cultivated over 25 years. Because of TitanX’s limited warehouse space, Jamestown delivers truckloads of TitanX’s pre-assembled packaging to it up to five times daily, allowing TitanX to save time and free up warehouse space for its core manufacturing. Jamestown and TitanX hold a weekly meeting to discuss evolving market demands and packaging solutions. IN addition, the two companies hold semi-annual management meetings, in which upper-level management from both organizations collaborate on many facets of business. At their annual Material Steering Committee meeting,the companies discuss potential cost savings, ideas,a and benefits for TitanX and its clients.

“We can always rely on Jamestown Container. They are flexible, transparent, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we are happy.” – Orlo Bartholomew, Packaging Buyer, TitanX Engine Cooling

Jamestown Container’s expertise goes beyond TitanX’s corrugated packaging needs. With the constant changes in DIM pricing, an after market customer of TitanX raised concerns regarding increased shipping prices. Jamestown’s Design Team worked closely with TitanX and its customer to develop improved, cost efficient packaging solutions that would allow triple the units to be shipped at once, reducing shipping costs and increasing the customer’s bottom line profitability.

TitanX consistently has new products in development and must be able to handle emergency orders from its customers. It relies on Jamestown to make efficient packaging recommendations and deliver the appropriate packaging with minimal notice. Combined with Jamestown’s extensive testing capabilities, TitanX is confident that its products will be delivered on time and intact, keeping its customers happy.

Customer Benefits

  • Custom Packaging Expertise: By leveraging Jamestown’s packaging knowledge, TitanX can focus on its core business
  • Improved Customer Service: Dependable deliveries of its product to its customers on time and intact
  • On-Time Deliveries and Flexibility: Allows cost and time savings and efficient use of manufacturing space