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Retail Packaging Supplies List — Here’s Everything You Need

When it comes to selling products in retail stores, a variety of retail packaging supplies are necessary. From shopping bags to gift boxes, storage solutions, and beyond, finding one centralized place to source everything needed — or managing too many different suppliers at once — can prove difficult.

Whether you’re a manufacturer looking to sell your products in retail stores or a retailer yourself, you’ll need plentiful packaging and related supplies for different uses. Keep track of everything you need with this comprehensive list.

Paper Shopping Bags

Whether plain or colored, paper shopping bags are a sustainable mainstay for many retail locations. With consumers’ rising concern over eco-friendliness in product and eCommerce  packaging, it’s only suitable that retail stores follow this trend as well. A great way to do this is to avoid having single-use plastic bags, and replace them with a highly recyclable solution like paper bags.

Many stock options of paper shopping bags are available, including those made in different colors, sizes, and for different uses. Grocery bags, hardware bags, flat merchandise bags, and paper bags with handles can all be useful depending on each retailer’s needs. And if a logoed bag or otherwise customized solution is needed, then most paper product manufacturers will be able to help.

Poly Bags

For grouping any small loose items, you’ll need either flat or resealable poly bags. These are great for keeping a certain amount of smaller, identical items together so they can be bought in bulk.

Both retailers and manufacturers may be in need of smaller bags, depending on how their fulfillment processes work. Hardware stores, craft stores, and office supply retailers are all ideal candidates for this stock retail packaging product. Poly bags are also perfect for any manufacturers selling large volumes of small products like screws, bolts, or nuts for either B2B purposes or to prepare products for a larger retailer.

Electronic Safe Packaging

If you want to sell any form of electronics to retail stores, you’ll need to make sure all packaging materials used can keep your products safe. Keeping your components in-place and static-free is essential to reduce the potential of product damage before reaching the final customer’s hands. Regular packing materials cannot dampen electrical charges during shipping, which can lead to components not working as promised once they arrive at their retail location.

Electronic-safe packaging includes anti-static foam, bubble wrap, poly bags, loose fill, tape, labels, and more. And if stock retail packaging supplies aren’t enough to get the job done, Jamestown’s Viva Foam division creates custom-cut polyurethane and polyethylene inserts for added safety.


An organized storage area is essential for everyday operations at any retailer. Keeping everything in its specific place and well-separated from other products will be important when it comes to essential core functions like inventory and restocking.

High-quality bins, wire racks, shelving, and more can help keep everything in its designated place. And the right labels will help all necessary store employees navigate the shelves and find what they need faster, making your processes more efficient.

Folding Cartons

Plain folding cartons can be valuable for holding different components that all relate to one final product (i.e., a charging cord for an electronic product). For manufacturers that need to bundle several different items and pieces together for retail fulfillment, folding cartons are considered especially useful.

There are also folding cartons formulated specifically for different industries, such as stationery folding cartons for protecting paper and important documents. These can be useful for organizing the administrative tasks at retail locations themselves as well.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes are an essential tool for many businesses, but especially for retailers. Whether year-round gift packaging is necessary for often-gifted items, or special gift packaging is just needed around the major holidays, retailers often offer gift-wrapped options in order to increase convenience for their shoppers.

This also includes item-specific containers like jewelry boxes and apparel boxes. These are especially convenient since they are meant to perfectly fit the item intended to be boxed up, meaning customers won’t have to browse gift packaging at the store to try to find the perfect size needed.

Fun crinkle and tissue paper adds another positive element to your gift packaging during holiday selling seasons. Packing materials can give a fun flair that enhances the unboxing experience for the gift’s recipient, making a lasting, positive impression on both the person who bought the gift and the person they’re giving it to.

Jamestown Has the Retail Packaging Supplies You Need

Jamestown Container has been excelling in the packaging industry for more than 65 years. Our expertise, wide range of capabilities, and creativity combine to create the best possible packaging solution for every potential situation.

Browse Jamestown’s online stock supply store for the products mentioned above and many more, or contact Jamestown if you need a more customized packaging solution.

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