Trends to Follow for Sustainable Packaging

Not long ago, companies focused solely on improving their products, brand image, and customer experience. Today, organizations have realized the importance of sustainability and have shifted their attention to sustainable packaging solutions as well. Many organizations are actively looking into different ways of incorporating sustainable materials and practices in the packaging of their products to create less impact on the planet. When you’re looking to partner with sustainable packaging companies to improve your packaging, follow these trends.

Clearer Labeling

Make packaging disposal instructions clear on the product and clarify if there are any sustainable claims. With increased transparency, you can help inform your customers on how to recycle the product packaging or how to dispose of it properly.

Lightweight Packaging

The concept of lightweight packaging is gaining momentum as of late. There are numerous benefits – you need less material to produce packages, the environmental impact from transport is minimized, and the waste sent to landfills is reduced.

Use Recyclable Materials

The easiest way to ensure the packaging creates the least impact on the planet is by manufacturing it using recyclable materials such as corrugated containers and shipping boxes, paper, recyclable plastic, etc. Before you begin production, make sure to discuss the different material options available with your packaging manufacturer.

Edible Packaging

This is the one concept that is making heads turn! Edible packaging is about eliminating the packaging waste altogether. This is a conscious effort made by several companies to reduce the overall plastics and paper waste.

Slimmer Packages

Do you use a huge shipping box or package for a tiny product? Even if there are a couple of open spaces within the package, you are creating extra material that needs to be disposed. Consult with your packaging manufacturer about creating custom shipping boxes and packaging for all of your products so you can save space and materials.

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When you’re looking for sustainable packaging companies, turn to Jamestown Container. For almost seven decades, we’ve been providing quality sustainable packaging to businesses across the U.S. All of our locations are provided with lightweight, 100% recycled linerboard from the Greenpac Mill. This state-of-the-art facility has one of the lowest amounts of paper mill landfill waste in the country. Sourcing material from the Greenpac Mill allows us to achieve maximum performance and strength without compromising sustainability.

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