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4 Things to Look for in Corrugated Packaging Suppliers

When it comes to choosing between several corrugated packaging suppliers, no two are alike, and as a business owner you need to easily compare capabilities to find the best vendor for your current project and future opportunities. By considering factors such as location, industry expertise, packaging characteristics, quantity, printing capabilities, certifications, and communication, you can position your business for verifiable long-term success.

It takes time to decide between corrugated packaging suppliers, and rightfully so. Jamestown Container, however, sees itself as much more than a packaging supplier; We’re a logistics and supply chain partner ensuring your valuable assets translate to customer success and generous returns. The wrong partner, however, can slowly but surely run your business into the ground. Whether they offer poor materials at bargain prices or cut corners on printing and quality control, the risks of a substandard corrugated packaging supplier are detrimental to establishing your brand and building trust in your products.

From proven printing capabilities for your needs to an efficient, modernized manufacturing process, Jamestown Container is here to help you with a variety of competitive advantages to always be one step ahead.

Already know what you need from a packaging partner? Let our team help you with your next custom solution. 

They Have Proven Capabilities

Before signing on with a packaging supplier, you must ensure they are in the position to meet your industry standards and product needs with proven capabilities. Meeting industry standards, from international regulatory issues to food transportation, should be simpler than ever in experienced hands. If there are ongoing challenges for perishable, fragile, or oversized products, custom solutions should always balance quality with budgetary considerations. Good manufacturing suppliers have the right balance of efficiency and quality control, meeting packaging specifications consistently with a streamlined manufacturing process. Reviewing testimonials and case studies will give you great insight as you compare corrugated packaging suppliers, giving you an idea of their design, printing capabilities, and ability to overcome unique shipping challenges.

With six manufacturing facilities throughout New York and Ohio, Jamestown Container is strategically located to provide reliable lead times, decrease shipping time, and has the capacity to fully support any demand. Get the retail-ready packaging you need with capabilities ranging from expert structural design to top-of-the-line flexo and digital printing, lamination, label mounting, and specialty die-cutting. Recognized for high-quality corrugated packaging and for overcoming difficult challenges with stand-out solutions, Jamestown Container is a reputable supplier for all of your packaging needs.

Corrugated is the Core of Their Business

When corrugated is the main offering of a manufacturer, they have the expertise to provide cost-effective, high-quality corrugated packaging products efficiently. Good corrugated packaging suppliers will take the time to explain their printing process, create prototypes of your custom product packaging, and will always improve product distribution. They should offer packaging solutions that fit a variety of needs, from stock boxes to high-end retail packaging. A quality supplier will have robust printing capabilities to guarantee a polished look that fits your brand’s needs now and in the future.

At Jamestown Container, we design packaging that sells with your business’s longevity in mind. Whether you’re looking for a simple one-color printed carton or an elaborate multi-color display, we’ll be able to walk you through our printing process and the best printing options for your products.

They Offer Complementary Products and Services

When considering longevity in a corrugated packaging supplier, you should ideally be able to turn to your partner for all-things packaging, from packing foam materials to other services like co-packing and inventory management that make your supply chain more streamlined and efficient.

Depending on your product needs, Jamestown Container can help ensure excellent protection for fragile products and part pieces when shipping with polyurethane and polyethylene packaging foam materials. Additionally, make your brand appear more professional with custom-designed packaging foam.

It’s easy to take operational efficiency to new heights with contract packaging by letting packaging and distribution professionals take assembly, order fulfillment, and distribution off your hands. When considering corrugated packaging suppliers, be sure to take into consideration the valuable time and money you get back from getting your products to market faster with co-packaging services.

They Have Certifications That Set Them Apart

Having a packaging partner that is regularly audited for safety and quality reduces risks and provides added assurance in their level of consistency, expertise, and credibility. Standardization is the norm at Jamestown Container, proven by numerous certifications including the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

With the FSCC 22000 certification for Food Safety Management Systems, effectively manage food safety risks along the entire supply chain. In addition to food safety, our ISTA certification ensures proper packaging security to avoid any damage while shipping. With certifications that are sure to meet any packaging requirements and distribution needs, Jamestown Container is your go to partner for consistent premier packaging.

They’re Able to Innovate Within Time and Cost Constraints

For eCommerce companies, delivery times are everything, with customers expecting delivery as soon as two days. Ultimately, it’s essential to choose a supplier that is flexible and able to create high volumes of corrugated items on time while executing interesting designs accurately to help you achieve your goal.

Save even more on time and money with an Electronic Vendor Managed Inventory (eVMI) program that automatically replenishes your packaging when you need it. Never ruin another customer relationship again with delayed deliveries, emergency orders, or damaged stock with an inventory system that tracks changes in demand and adjusts accordingly.

Looking to Switch Corrugated Packaging Suppliers?

When searching for the right corrugated packaging suppliers, printing and design capabilities, industry experience, customer service, convenience, and efficiency are key. Get the most out of your partnership with co-packaging and eVMI services that improve supply chain efficiency and forecast demand. With over 65 years of experience on our side, Jamestown Container is prepared to meet your packaging needs with innovation and efficiency.

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