How Can Your Business Take Advantage of Industrial Packaging Solutions?

Sturdy Boxes Mean Safer Shipments for Your Company

When you manufacture products and are shipping them to customers, you need packaging you can rely on. Industrial packaging solutions are a go-to for chemical, pharmaceutical, lubricant, bulk foods and beverages, and building and construction companies because they can send out their products without the worry that something will be damaged while it’s in transit.

Damaged goods can ruin customer relationships, tarnish your business’s reputation, and delay production times further downstream. Industrial packaging solutions are designed to promote and protect your products and are key to keeping your business’s shipping process stress-free.

Corrugated is a great choice for industrial companies to use for their packages because it’s lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. Businesses can leverage custom designed packaging for their products and their brand to further drive up the value of implementing corrugated cartons as their shipping material of choice.

Do you have full trust in your packaging? If you don’t know how your cartons are built, it’s hard to know if you can count on them to offer protection when your packages face bumps and falls during shipment. Knowing how to take full advantage of your packaging can ensure your products are secure whether they’re going to another plant or directly to the end-user.

What Goes into Industrial Packaging Solutions to Ensure the Right Fit for Your Products?

There are a number of factors that can help industrial companies take their packaging to the next level. Environmentally-friendly packaging has taken off in recent years, and industrial companies aren’t counting it out. The benefits of implementing a sustainable packaging strategy are worth it, too. Your business will be able to save money and do your part to meet environmental standards by putting a foot forward towards a “go green” strategy.

With a sustainable packaging strategy, your business can utilize cartons made with recycled materials without compromising strength and durability but are made with recycled materials. This type of packaging is going to allow you to save money, and also work towards meeting state and federal requirements.

Another way that your company can save money is by reevaluating the design of your packaging to fit your products better. Downsizing the amount of material used will not only help you cut costs, but it will also offer better protection. If there’s room for your products to move around within their package, there’s room for them to become damaged. You actually want your packaging to be a snug fit so the carton can do what it’s designed to do.

For what you lose in size, your packaging can make up for in strength. If you’re shipping large, heavy, or sharp products, the solution for protection might not lie in a bigger box, but a thicker one. Changing up the flute size and board grade to one that offers additional strength will help to ensure your packages can withstand transit.

When it comes to flute profiles, thicker sizes result in additional cushioning, protection, and stacking strength. The thinner the flute you choose, the less protection you can expect from your packaging. The number of layers used to produce the corrugated board is what determines the board type. Single-wall board is constructed by gluing one layer of fluted paper between two sheets of liner board, while double-wall has two layers of fluted paper glued between three liners. Triple-wall, which is made up of three sheets of fluted paper glued between four sheets of liner board, is the strongest of the three types and will provide the most protection for your heavy-duty products.

Once you’ve figured out the type of corrugated container that’s going to suit your products best, you’ll want to make sure your box is made specifically for your products. The goal for optimal packaging is to have your box fit your products — not the other way around. Like we mentioned before, having a snug fit is ideal because it eliminates unnecessary risks for damage.

Working with a packaging designer can help you find the right type of box, and they can also help you identify more efficient ways of packing your products. The way you’re loading products into cartons is another way your business can save money with packaging. A packaging designer can help you truly make the most of your boxes by showing you alternative ways to load products that might allow for more products to fit in a box or a safer way to place them inside.

This strategy can also help if you’re shipping your products out on pallets. With a box that’s built just for you, you can load pallets more efficiently to hold more. A little change like this can help you save money every time you ship products by sending out fewer packages and optimizing the amount of cargo space you’re consuming.

With custom packaging, don’t forget about the outside of your boxes. If there’s important information about the contents of your shipment, like fragile or hazardous materials, work with a designer to make sure it’s displayed on your packaging. You can also place your logo on your cartons to build brand awareness no matter where your products end up.

For industrial packaging solutions, protection and efficiency are important factors. Corrugated offers both of these, and so much more. With corrugated packaging, your business can save money and make your shipping process easier. Effective corrugated packaging instills confidence because you know that your products are as protected as possible. With industrial packaging solutions, your business can take your packaging and shipping processes to the next level.

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