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Consider These Alternative Packaging Solutions for Your Products

Why Current Popular Packaging Solutions Might Not Be the Best Options

When it comes to packaging and the display of products, there are many different kinds of solutions that companies have been incorporating into their marketing efforts over the years in order to better attract customers, increase efficiency, and provide protection. Unfortunately, many of these packaging solutions are plastic-based and for a number of reasons aren’t nearly as efficient or effective as corrugated packaging. Below are a couple of reasons why these current solutions are poor options and why there are alternative packaging solutions that are superior packaging options.


Plastic-based material is one of the most popular alternative packaging solutions. However, plastic-based material isn’t easily customized and there are several limitations when it comes to what you can do with it as well as what kind of packaging solutions you’re able to design. By using plastic-based material, you’re unable to really give your packaging solutions the kind of design that effectively promotes your brand and catches a consumer’s eye, leading them to buy your product.

With that being said, this doesn’t mean that plastic-based packaging is not customizable. There are certain applications where plastic alternative packaging solutions can be used, but the customization process is costly and can require more effort. Customizing corrugated packaging is both easy and affordable. Not only does plastic-based packaging have restrictions when it comes to customization, but it also takes much longer to customize than corrugated does.


While you can definitely recycle plastic, the reality is that the recyclability of corrugated has a much greater success story, especially in recent years. Corrugated is currently recycled more than any other packaging material in the United States. Much of these results are due to the corrugated industry’s ongoing commitment to increasing the recovery of corrugated, with a recovery rate of 93 percent tracked in 2016.

Per, 75 percent of corrugated material is recovered, which is four times more than the recovery rate for its plastic counterpart, which boasts a 14.6 percent recovery rate. Due to the investment that the corrugated industry has made in educating both retailers and consumers on the benefits of recycling corrugated materials, the recovery rate has significantly increased from a mere 54 percent in 1993. The average corrugated box contains at least 48 percent recycled content.

How Corrugated is the Best Alternative Packaging Solution

The Basics

Within the category of corrugated, there are several different types of factors that go into making a packaging solution that will fit your needs. This is a big reason why corrugated is so customizable. There’s a style of packaging for every product.

To begin, you’ll want to determine the type of fluting that is necessary. Fluting is the sheet of wave-shaped arches that you see in corrugated material. Flutes are anchored to linerboard with an adhesive and form rigid columns that are capable of supporting the weight.

Common types of flutes used are A, B, C, E, and F, with A being the largest. Flute size determines the thickness of the walls of your corrugated packaging as well as your stacking strength.

The next thing you’ll want to determine is your board type. There are four common types of boards that can be used for corrugated packaging. These are single-face, single-wall, double-wall, and triple wall. Each is used for different applications such as standard shipping boxes, retail displays, transporting heavy products, etc.

After you’ve determined the fluting and board type you want, you’ll need to determine the style of packaging that’s right for your product.

Jamestown Container’s expert designers can assist you here. If you’ve already determined that you want to move forward with a corrugated packaging solution and you’d like to cut right to the chase, click here to contact us today!

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The Benefits of Corrugated Packaging

Corrugated packaging helps protect and transport your products, assists in increasing sales while being cost-effective as well, and is also recycled at high rates of more than 90%.


By choosing corrugated, you’re making a concerted effort to make the earth a better place. Responsibly managed corrugated packaging is good for the planet, whereas plastic packaging is not.

Made from renewable resources, reusable and recyclable corrugated packaging comes full circle every single day. This is demonstrated through the efficient use of managed forest lands, implementation of sustainable practices during board and box manufacture, and the high recovery rates that allow for fiber to be incorporated back into the system for reuse.

Product Safety and Security

Corrugated packaging combines structural rigidity with cushioning to protect its contents from damage. The basic construction of corrugated packaging is one of the many reasons it works so well, as its middle layer of fluting is used to absorb outside impact. The fluting in corrugated material is key to its protective qualities. It also serves as an insulator, providing product protection from temperature changes.

Customization and Cost-effectiveness

Unlike plastic, there are very few limits corrugated material has when it comes to customization and design. Whether it’s building a custom package or display, or even including a custom design on the packaging, it’s all possible with corrugated. The best thing is that while you’re able to have creative freedom with the customization of corrugated, it’s also cost-effective to do so. Corrugated packaging is one of the least expensive packaging options available, as the packaging doesn’t require costly tools to manufacture and fill. The ability to either recycle or store away packaging for future use is also a reason it’s such a cost-effective option.

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