Three Strategic Ways that Corrugated Packaging Increases Sales

How Packaging Can Increase Sales

Did you know the type of packaging you use can actually increase sales? With so much competition in the market, taking a second look at your packaging could boost your market share. Here, we’ll explore how packaging can increase sales and give you actionable steps to improve your packaging materials.

Corrugated Packaging Supports Preservation

Have you ever sent a package only to find out that once it got to its intended location, it was either partially broken, damaged, or worse — no longer usable. At that point, you probably reconsidered how you’d shipped it, and more importantly, what sort of packaging you shipped it in.

Now, that’s a single package. What if you’d sent an entire shipment of items that were damaged during the shipping process? That could result in a loss of thousands of dollars — or more depending on the product. If you’re using corrugated packaging to ship products, you don’t have to worry about their security as they move from your warehouse to your customer’s location.

This benefit of corrugated packaging applies to multiple industries, as the material is designed to not only protect the items inside but also withstand the rigors of transit itself. Ultimately, the strength of corrugated packaging increases sales by getting more products to more people on time and in great condition.

Preservation of Comestibles

Corrugated cardboard packaging is becoming more and more popular in terms of an avenue in which to ship all kinds of produce. Recently, produce companies have realized the ability of corrugated cardboard to help preserve the freshness, aroma, appearance, and taste of fruit and vegetables for longer than plastic. In addition to preserving the product during shipment, corrugated packaging also leads to an increase in shelf life.

One way this is accomplished is by keeping outside moisture from getting inside the packaging, allowing produce to withstand long shipping times and keeping it from spoiling. This proves beneficial to everyone involved in the process of putting produce on store shelves for consumers. A longer shelf life results in less food being wasted, thus increasing overall sales. Studies have shown that corrugated cardboard has also become an attractive option in grocery stores due to the positive influences it directly has on purchasing behaviors of consumers.

Preservation of Consumer Products

Companies and their customers alike want to feel confident that products are being shipped properly and with the utmost care. The benefit of corrugated cardboard packaging is the ability to add padding to packages, as well as options for a flexible design that will ensure an appropriate fit based on the product type. This affords companies greater packaging options rather than having to settle for a basic design that might not be fully customized to best transport a specific product.

Protects Products During Transit

Because of the ability to add items such as padding to a corrugated cardboard package, products are at a much lower risk of breaking or getting damaged than they would be in something such as a plastic container or regular cardboard box. The padding can provide a stable cushion for any product, keeping items safe during what could be long-distance transportation, as well as shipping and handling of the product. Being able to guarantee that a product will arrive damage-free reduces the time and money spent on issuing refunds, fixing products, and addressing customer complaints, which in return saves the company money.

Increases Customer Satisfaction with Design

Flexibility of design allows for companies to create engaging packaging that delights customers the moment they receive their package, whether it’s a food product, clothing, or electronics. As more and more companies learn that packaging increases sales, greater attention is being paid to what can be done with corrugated cardboard. What better way to satisfy a customer than to ship your product in attractive, custom-made packaging that makes them excited to open your product?

A great example of this is craft beer packaging. With more and more craft breweries popping up across the country, producers need a way to make their craft beer packaging stand out from the competition. To achieve that, they’re not only using advanced printing techniques to visually make their packaging stand out, but they’re also using the strength and resiliency of corrugated cardboard to their advantage.

For example, many craft beer producers use what are called mother cartons — larger containers designed to hold bottles or cans. These containers are moisture-resistant and incredibly strong, which they need to be in order to hold larger numbers of cans and bottles. Producers are having fun with these containers and also making them more useful for consumers. Everything from removable coasters to custom die-cut windows and patterns — even transforming the entire carton into an ice cooler — help these producers make their packaging more appealing and ultimately increase customer satisfaction.


Using the example of craft beer packaging with unique functionality and design, customers are more likely to be excited when they find the product and discover the creativity that went into it. The better the quality of your packaging, the more likely your customers are to be satisfied, leading to repeat customers and ultimately resulting in an increase in sales. It’s recommended to spend additional time on choosing the proper packaging for your product to really appeal to the customer.

With the sheer amount of design options available, there’s a wide array of designs, shapes, printing techniques, and more available that can help you make your product stand out from competitors — both in-store and online.

Communicates Your Environmental Philosophy

By using corrugated cardboard packaging for product packaging as well as for shipping containers, companies are more effectively able to communicate their commitment to the environment and even detail their recycling program. This creates a positive impression on customers’ minds and greatly influences buying behavior. Customers enjoy hearing that the company they’re purchasing from is environmentally conscious and is trying to make a difference for the planet.

Corrugated Cardboard is Easily Recyclable and Reusable

Last but not least, since corrugated cardboard is made from renewable and fully recyclable resources, it’s the most sustainable packaging option on the market. Using corrugated cardboard packaging allows consumers to easily recycle the packaging or simply fold it up and store it away for future use.

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