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Custom Boxes with a Logo — Creative Ways to Show Off Your Brand

How to Get Great Custom Boxes with a Logo

For every business, your logo is the ultimate visual expression of what your brand stands for. That’s why it’s so important for your custom boxes with a logo to incorporate your brand creatively and consistently.

While there are many options for ordering custom boxes with a logo, working more closely with a team of deeply experienced industry professionals has its advantages over a quick-fix solution ordered online. It’ll allow you more control over how your visual brand translates into packaging that highlights your product and showcases your brand in a positive light.

You’ll need to make several decisions along the way to make sure your branded packaging expresses your visual brand identity well. Here is what you need to consider when it comes to creating custom boxes with your logo.

High-Quality Packaging Creates a Solid Base for Your Design

Starting with the right material, thickness, and shape of box for your product is essential. If your box isn’t designed to hold your product well, and endure any elements necessary from shipment and warehouses to store shelves and customer’s homes, then its graphic design won’t have a chance to shine. A well-structured box will make the perfect canvas for your visual design dreams.

Corrugated is a highly durable material for eCommerce products and retail products alike. It’ll protect your products and create the perfect base to print on. Additionally, at the end of its use as packaging, corrugated containers are often reused by customers for other purposes, reminding them of your brand on a daily basis. And, at the end of their usability, corrugated packaging is highly recycled and recovered, meaning the branded packaging you invested valuable time and money into will live another life instead of being tossed in the trash.

Making sure your boxes are structurally sound and easily printed on is the first step in getting the best custom box with a logo possible. Avoiding damage will make sure your visual design remains intact, and communicate higher value to customers. Working with a team of expert engineers that can help you go through the process of creating and testing physical mock-ups until you reach the right result will help you rest easy, knowing you have the best base possible to put your logo on.

Consistent Printing Promotes Your Brand

Perfect color-matching is so essential when it comes to key visual brand elements like packaging. If your logo and brand colors are not printed in the correct color across runs, this will put a cap on the level of power your visual brand can have on consumer awareness. If your branding looks slightly different each time your customers see it, then it won’t make as much of a long-lasting impression on consumers, defeating the purpose of investing in custom branded physical marketing pieces in the first place.

Developing a working relationship with an experienced packaging printer is essential to creating custom packaging with a logo, as it will ensure color consistency and fewer defects. A well-established packaging printer will have several options and techniques available to achieve your exact desired look and feel at the outset of your custom packaging program — and again and again as time goes on. Avoiding printing or color balancing mistakes, either within large runs or between runs of your packaging, will communicate higher product value to customers and make your products unique and recognizable in stores.

An experienced packaging partner will also be able to help you explore new ways to innovatively showcase your brand as time goes on and trends change. Rather than having to draw solely from your own creativity and ideas, you’ll be able to rely on your packaging printer to bounce ideas off of and make suggestions in line with your brand and consumers’ needs.

Work with the Right Partner for Custom Boxes With a Logo

A lot of the quality of your packaging comes down to working with the right custom packaging manufacturer. Having the right packaging company producing your custom boxes with a logo will allow you to experience a high ROI and several competitive benefits.

While bulk custom packaging suppliers online may be a convenient way to kick-start a program, they also have their drawbacks. You may receive custom packaging fairly quickly, but you’ll have to do the design work all on your end and won’t have as much close contact from a customer service perspective. You also won’t have access to physical mock-ups, won’t have as many options on packaging size, shape, and thickness, and won’t have as many design options.

On the other hand, working with a hands-on custom packaging design and manufacturing company gives you access to expert packaging engineers, design help, and better customer service. A more extensive research and planning process upfront will ensure that your final packaging meets your needs. You’ll also get better quality, more consistent printing which is essential when it comes to custom boxes with a logo.

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