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How a VMI Supply Chain Model Can Improve Your Operations

If you are struggling to find enough packaging to meet peak demand, are always searching for additional warehouse space among the clutter, or are facing major packaging stock shortages, it might be time to take inventory management off of your plate with a measurable VMI supply chain solution. With our vendor-managed inventory (VMI) system in place, unwanted costs, wasted space, and lost time are eliminated. Open up more growth opportunities for your business by letting a tried and true vendor management system monitor fluctuating packaging inventory and use the warehouse space that you usually save for storage for other value-added activities like production.

At Jamestown Container, using our eVMI system makes inventory management simpler than ever. One scan is all it takes to replenish packaging material automatically. Avoid the costly mistake of overstocking your warehouse, often leading to wasted space and material that is damaged over time. When your packaging supplier can track and manage your inventory levels, you never need to worry about emergency orders, delayed deliveries, or damaged, outdated stock. 

Looking to improve your day-to-day operations? There are a few things to keep in mind first when adopting our complimentary VMI supply chain management tools. 

Setting Up Clear Expectations for Your VMI Supply Chain Solution

It’s crucial to set clear expectations with your packaging supplier by communicating your ongoing challenges. Helping them understand whether you’ve frequently been running out of stock, have large discrepancies between inventory purchased and used, struggle to meet peaks in demand, or are constantly looking for warehousing space can help your supplier design a custom VMI supply chain solution for you. Establish what items you need to stock on your floor and on theirs. Discussing how the process will work upfront in order to best benefit the supplier and your business will save time and frustration in the long run. 

When you and your packaging partner finally agree on a set plan and schedule — it may include minimum and maximum usage levels, buffer sizes, and lead times — you are almost ready to keep your inventory levels where you want them. 

Keep in mind that transitioning to a VMI packaging system may take time for adjustment on both sides. Working with a company experienced in providing VMI supply chain management like Jamestown Container will shorten and smoothen this period.

Whether you need packaging that is on a set schedule or better forecasting capabilities for fluctuating demand, Jamestown Container is ready to meet your delivery requirements, questions, and challenges to set clear expectations for a growing partnership.

Create Clear Lines of Communication

Building a symbiotic relationship with your point of contact at the manufacturer upfront will help get the gears in motion, especially in the early days of the implementation. A packaging partner that offers VMI supply chain support may occasionally experience shifts in demand with other larger customers as well that impact production timing.

This makes concrete communication crucial and the foundation for a growing partnership moving forward. At Jamestown Containers, your point of contact is the Account Manager. Being clear on how you communicate inventory needs and how updates will be made is the next step to implementing an efficient system.

Digital implementation makes the process even smoother with a central, up-to-date system for shipping. Once specifications are determined in advance, get timely delivery information with notifications that update you as inventory depletes through scanning a barcode.

Because Jamestown Container’s eVMI is an online solution, there is no need for the hassle of additional software or hardware installation. With only internet access, lines of communication are readily available. Reports, including order status and scheduled delivery, are provided regularly to simplify the process and keep you on track. 

Better Account for Unexpected Changes in Demand

In the age of online shopping, fast deliveries are expected, and no one wants to hear that their orders are delayed because of limited shipping supplies. When demand rises for your product, whether it be seasonally or unexpectedly, ensure your VMI supply chain is prepared by immediately notifying your supplier to fulfill any larger, emergency orders. 

Fortunately, tracking inventory on hand is simpler than before with order, usage, and delivery management. At Jamestown Container, our electronic system uses past data to accurately forecast your needs based on patterns of demand after collecting detailed data from your current system. Once you’ve reached your minimum inventory levels, you can expect a shipment to come in, streamlining the VMI supply chain. 

Streamline Your Supply Chain by Making eVMI Work For You 

Enhance the customer experience with Jamestown Container’s VMI supply chain solutions, reducing stock-outs, delivery times, and emergency orders. You can virtually eliminate data entry errors with an integrated management system and free up valuable employees to perform other revenue-building tasks. Introduce an electronic vendor-managed inventory system today to save big on time, space, and cash flow in your day-to-day operations. 

Ready to streamline your supply chain with custom VMI solutions? Let our team walk you through the process today.

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