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Improve your Retail Packaging Design With These Strategies

Take the Path Less Traveled to Create Strong Retail Packaging

Having a store choose to sell your product is always exciting, but when you see your retail packaging design on the shelf, it might be disheartening to see that it’s mixed in with everything else. How will consumers see it?

Getting people to notice your product is one of the biggest challenges that companies face with retail packaging design. There’s a ton of competition coming from every angle, and it’s not just in the store. With the rise of e-commerce, now businesses are also battling products that are sold online. And e-commerce businesses are facing their own unique challenges with retail packaging design as well.

With traditional retail, the increased amount of competition is a big issue with gaining sales. There are more options than ever for products, so what makes yours stand out? If multiple companies offer the same thing you do, your packaging can be the “x” factor that encourages someone to pick up your product instead of your competitors’.

For e-commerce companies, the loss of direct touch with consumers changes the way they have to think about drawing attention to their products. When people are scrolling through a website, the image of your packaging is what’s going to make them click to learn more. Your packaging should be clear and concise as well as eye-catching to grab attention and encourage them to click on it.

A lot can be said about a well-designed product package, but if it isn’t enticing your audience, your numbers are going to struggle. Don’t waste time and money putting together a retail packaging design without a plan. In order to navigate today’s market, you have to know what’s going to appeal to customers so you can stand out when it counts. You typically only have a few seconds to make an impact on a customer whether it’s in the store or online, so here’s how you can utilize your packaging to help close the deal.

Being Different is Okay — Use Your Retail Packaging Design to Generate More Customers

Think about it. The first interaction people will have with your product is your packaging. Whether it’s in their hand or a picture online, what is it going to tell them? There are a few ways you can make an impact.

You already know who your audience is, right? Cater to that! Think about who you’re targeting within your design. Can they relate to it? Is it something they would go after? This can apply to just about every aspect of your packaging from the color to the text you put on it. Consider what will appeal to your audience first, then take a step back. Maybe, even literally. First, let’s think about color. Picture the aisle where your product will be. What’s around it? If everything is relatively the same color, do something different. It’s okay to take things in a different direction as long as it’s still going to resonate well with your audience.

If your product is in the landscaping industry, many of your competitors might be featuring a lot of green or earth-tones as their primary colors. Making your product a color that is not as commonly used, such as red, is an easy way to stand out. Not up for a bold color change? Opt for a different and unique shade of green. It might seem like a no-brainer, but little changes to help your product pop will invite more eyes to your packaging and increase consumer interest.

Go back to the picture of your potential aisle. Are your competitors putting in a lot of work to stand out already? Sometimes the solution to getting more attention isn’t by trying harder than everyone else — but instead trying “less”. Minimalist design is all over the current trends, so you wouldn’t be straying too far from the norm by only including the essentials about your product on your packaging.

With e-commerce businesses, this could also be helpful because a busy image will be hard to read on the web. Keeping it clear and simple will allow them to understand what your product is right away and make it easier for them to choose yours to learn more about. In both physical and online stores, focusing on one or two clear benefits of your product is a great way to bring eyes to your products. Consumers are starting to get tired of the same aggressive, busy messaging that some products have, so giving your packaging some space to breathe could be refreshing and attractive to potential customers.

You might also want to consider the type of packaging that you use to attract customers. Is your product being stored in a package that’s difficult to open, or creates a hassle when it needs to be used? Simplifying these processes can make a big impact on consumers, and will allow you to turn them into repeat customers by leaving a lasting impression.

It’s no secret why corrugated is such a popular choice when it comes to packaging. Corrugated is a flexible material that retailers can use both for excellent design and functionality. Along with simplifying processes, corrugated also makes it easy for your customers to recycle or reuse. Sustainability is something that consumers are looking for more and more, and having recyclable packaging could be the edge that your product needs to be chosen.

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do is work with a professional packaging designer to help you create a design that resonates with your audience and stands out from everyone else. They’ll be able to help the best version of your ideas come to life!

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