Small Business Packaging Ideas to Keep Customers Coming Back

Delight and Retain Customers with These Small Business Packaging Ideas

When it comes to running a small business, packaging is more than just a way to protect your products during transit. It’s an opportunity to make a lasting impression on your customers and showcase your brand’s personality. Unique and eye-catching packaging can help your products stand out in a crowded market, and it can create a memorable unboxing experience for your customers. Here, we’ll explore some creative and effective small business packaging ideas to help you capture and retain more market share.

Use Branded Boxes

Plain brown boxes will protect your product during shipment, but it won’t get potential customers excited about your brand. Your packaging should be a reflection of your brand’s identity; consider incorporating your logo, brand colors, and other brand elements into your packaging to create a cohesive and memorable look. Not only will your packaging be more pleasing to the eye, but it will also help with brand recognition and recall.

Branded boxes don’t have to be expensive, either. When you work with the right corrugated packaging supplier, you can cost-effectively design and manufacture quality branded packaging for your brand.

Still not sure if branded boxes are right for you? Explore the benefits in our in-depth blog.

Consider a Custom Box Shape

Whether you want triangular, hexagonal, or another shape for your packaging, anything’s possible with die-cut technology. A custom shape is sure to get the attention of everyone in the supply chain and delight your customer upon arrival. Working with a quality packaging supplier can help you achieve these unique shapes while still ensuring the packaging remains functional and practical for shipping and handling.

Add a Touch to the Inside of the Box

Inside the box, you may wrap your product with a custom paper-like material. It will enhance the customer experience and make your product feel more luxurious. Similarly, you may consider printing something on the inside of the box to improve the unboxing experience. You might add an inspirational message, information about your brand, and more.

Advertise Your Sustainability

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to consumers, opting for eco-friendly packaging can be a great way to showcase your commitment to the environment. Not only will this appeal to environmentally conscious customers, but it can also help you differentiate your brand from competitors. Additionally, advertising your sustainability could potentially increase your bottom line. A recent study found that 86% of consumers 45 and under said they would be willing to pay more for products with sustainable packaging.

Include a Custom Insert or Interactive Packaging

Including a custom insert in your box — like a short card — can tell your customers how much you appreciate their support. You might also add interactive packaging like pull-out tabs, hidden compartments, or tear-away sections that reveal a surprise or special offer. This can create a sense of excitement and delight for your customers, making them more likely to share their unboxing experience on social media or recommend your products to others.

Consider Seasonal or Limited-Edition Packaging

Creating special packaging for seasonal promotions or limited-edition products can generate excitement and urgency among your customers. For example, you can design packaging with a holiday theme, or create unique packaging for a product that is only available for a short amount of time. This can encourage impulse purchases and create a sense of exclusivity, driving sales and customer engagement.

Create Functional Packaging

Packaging that serves a dual purpose can add value to your products and make your customers’ lives easier. For example, you can use packaging that can be repurposed as storage, such as a sturdy, reusable box.

You can also include instructional graphics or QR codes on your packaging to provide additional information about your products, usage instructions, or links to your website or social media channels. Functional packaging not only enhances the customer experience but also adds utility to your products, making them more appealing to potential buyers.

Want More Small Business Packaging Ideas? Talk with the Experts

Founded in 1956, Jamestown Container has decades of experience creating packaging for small and large businesses alike. Our dedicated team can help you come up with effective small business packaging ideas and turn out a high-quality finished product quickly. There’s no packaging challenge that our organization can’t help you tackle. Whether it’s a rush job or you’re looking for a more creative packaging design to help boost sales, our team will help you discover the right solution to achieve your goals.

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Also, all the machinery at our facilities are run on electric power, and a majority of our products contain 100% post-consumer recycled content. We’re committed to helping the environment, and you can pass that sentiment onto your customers when you source packaging from us.

We’re also committed to creating quality products, which is why our facilities maintain a variety of industry accreditations. We maintain ISO 9001, FSC22000, and AIB certifications, which hold us to the highest standards in corrugated packaging.

Turn Your Small Business Packaging Ideas into Reality

As a fully turnkey operation, we’re the best choice for your small business packaging. From ideation to manufacturing and delivery, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started.