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Keep Products Safe with Polyurethane Packing Foam

Use Polyurethane Packing Foam to Add a Custom Cushion to Your Package

Sometimes no matter how strong the corrugated is, you’re still going to need cushioning to keep things safe. Even with a custom built carton, your products still might need more protection during shipping. If you’re looking for additional protection, polyurethane packing foam is one route you can take.

What is polyurethane packing foam? You’re actually probably already familiar with it, and you just didn’t realize. Polyurethane is found in most furniture and mattresses, running shoes, car seats, and more. It’s possibly one of the most versatile materials available. It can be used for a wide variety of applications — including protecting your products while they’re being shipped!

Polyurethane is a flexible type of foam that is most commonly built with an open cell construction, which makes it feel softer than other foams. The flexibility makes it a great option to create convoluted foam or “egg crate” foam that offers a little extra protection with its peaks and valleys.

Companies who have small, lightweight, or shock-sensitive products tend to take advantage of polyurethane packaging foam the most. Many electronic and automotive companies use it as a great way to package fragile parts and products.

How Does Polyurethane Packaging Work?

Polyurethane is an excellent option for packaging that you can customize. Not only can it be tailored for the shape of your product, but the structure can be built to fit your needs as well.

The density and firmness of the foam can be changed based on what you need. This is measured by the Indentation Force Deflection test (IFD). IFD assesses the softness of the foam by compressing a sample with an indenter. The lower the score, the less firm the foam is.

Polyurethane foams are produced in large buns, or blocks, which makes it very easy to create any dimension you need for your packaging by shaping and gluing edges together. Or the foam can be molded in a cast to fit the specific shape you need. This process has the foam start as a liquid that is poured into a mold. Both options allow the foam to surround and secure your product once it’s sealed within your package.

So, how will polyurethane benefit your business? If you’re worried about how your products are moving around in their packaging, or you need a way to create more cushioning, foam is the way to go. Polyurethane foam is a durable material that can withstand bumps and falls and can provide defense against weather elements like extreme temperature changes. With foam, you don’t have to be as concerned about the wear and tear. Instead, you can have confidence that your product is going to arrive in the same shape that it left the warehouse.

Aside from the protection that it offers, foam is lightweight and cost-effective. Think about the money you lose when a product is returned because of damages during shipping. With foam packaging, your business can save money as well as minimize losses caused by damaged or broken products. It also can add a layer of trust with your customers. They’ll recognize that you’re putting in the effort to make sure their orders arrive the way they expect, and new customers will be impressed with your dedication to customer satisfaction.

Polyurethane is even a sustainable material that your business can use to expand your “green” efforts. Lightweight polyurethane is actually comprised mostly of air, so it helps the environment by reducing the amounts of greenhouse gases emitted due to the weight of transportation.

When your packaging leaves the warehouse, you lose control over how it gets from point A to point B. There’s not much you can do to prevent the truck from hitting a pothole, slamming on the breaks, or getting in an accident. However, you can control how your product reacts to the situation. If you’re worried about things sliding around or being jostled while they’re being shipped, foam can be the peace of mind that you’re looking for. With foam packaging, your products can be safely packed and prepared for anything, without throwing your finances under the bus.

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