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The Guide to the Benefits of Foam Packaging

Use Foam to Make Your Packaging Stronger and More Efficient

Losing products because they’ve been damaged during shipment is a nightmare. How do you keep your packages safe when they’re in transit? One way that you can improve your packaging is to work on how you’re placing products inside. Foam offers excellent protection, and the benefits of foam packaging can help your business eliminate the fear of losing sales to damaged shipments.

High-quality foam can easily protect your products by acting as a cushion from bumps and falls. Even the toughest mishaps can be avoided with foam that’s specifically designed to the specifications of your packaging.

But it’s not all about protection, either. Another benefit of foam packaging is the professional element that it adds to your brand. When a customer unboxes your product and sees it’s safely packed with foam, it increases the affinity someone has for your brand by establishing a line of trust that you’re taking steps to ship their order safely.

As a bonus, foam packaging is affordable. Foam is a lightweight material that’s relatively easy to manufacture and customize, which makes it easy on your budget as well. Using foam in your packaging allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your products have stable protection to carry them throughout shipment.

Just like corrugated packaging, foam packaging comes in different types and styles and can (and should) be customized to fit the specific design of your products. What kind of foam packaging is right for your business? Check out this overview of the different popular types of foam that you can use for your packaging.

The Benefits of Foam Packaging Can Help Your Business Create Better Solutions for Shipping Your Products

There are many different types of foam available, and each has their unique characteristics and applications to meet the diverse needs of your business.

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane is one of the most versatile types of foam due to its ability to be manipulated into many different forms. This is an open cell, soft foam that is easy to mold and fit different products. Because of its soft nature, it’s able to absorb shock and recover its original shape quickly. It can often be convoluted into egg crates, or used as padding and custom shapes to create proper protection within your packages.

PU is an excellent option to protect light-weight fragile products because of its softness and ability to resist scratches and dents. It also has a low odor and a resistance to mildew, which makes it perfect for shipping foods or moisture-sensitive products. Polyether and polyester are the two main types of polyurethane foam, and it’s also available in ESD and anti-static. Polyurethane foam can easily be customized to your product. It can be manufactured in a wide variety of colors and densities to match what you need.

Polyethylene (PE)

Compared to PU, PE is a much denser foam. This type of closed cell foam packaging is best used for businesses who are manufacturing high sensitivity products but are in need of a stronger insert for their packaging. The benefit of PE foam is that it is highly resistant to damage and moisture, which makes it an excellent choice for items that need special care. It also dampens vibrations and acts as an insulator. It can also come in a variety of forms including ESD and anti-static.

Polyethylene is great for products that need extra protection because of its versatility and ability to offer protection from a wide range of common mishaps. Businesses can take advantage of PE foam in their packaging as planks, laminated, double skived, crosslink, and roll stock. This foam can also be customized in different sizes and colors to fit your needs best.


This type of foam is best used for electronic products varying from computers to automotive parts. Along with offering superior cushioning, this foam eliminates and absorbs electrical charges, vibrations, and electro-shock static to protect products from being damaged internally during shipping. The benefit of Anti-Static foam is that it not only protects your product while it’s being shipped, but it also protects electrical instruments outside of your packaging and any individuals from being shocked who may come in contact with your product while it’s being transported.

Convoluted Foam

Whereas most foams are flat material, convoluted foam, or egg crate foam, has raised areas, similar to an egg crate, which offer additional protection and shock absorbency. The raised regions allow the foam to protect from impacts and dampen vibrations to be sure that your product is well handled during shipping. This foam is also incredibly durable which allows it to be reused in new packages for years to come.

When paired with corrugated packaging, foam is a fantastic option for protecting your products while they’re being shipped. Foam packaging allows your products to arrive at their destination safely and makes a better first impression for your customers when they unbox your product. The best way to take advantage of foam packaging is to work with a custom packaging designer to ensure you’re using the proper foam for your specific needs. Your packaging should be made to fit your product, not the other way around, and a professional designer will help you create the perfect solution.

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